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History of the Dominica State Prison

The Dominica Prison was constructed in October 1954 at its present site to accommodate eighty-four (84) inmates. At that time, persons who were sent to prison came from the lower strata of society, the majority of whom were illiterate. There were no provisions made for white colour crimes. The structures were basic and did not have the provisions as enshrined in the prison regulations then and now.

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Present Structure

For the past few years, the department developed and operated a system of functional heads and gave Principal Prison Officers various responsibilities and tasks but some of the heads were not assigned staff to achieve the tasks and responsibilities they were assigned to.

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Superintendents of Prison

The following are the past and present superintendents who have served the Dominica State Prison.

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The Dominica Prison Service leads in the professional advancement on corrections, promoting integrity, ethics, good practices through rehabilitation and reform to change for the better with dignity for our nation’s future.