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A GANAR Alliance Program

A GANAR Alliance Program Graduates 2013The A GANAR Alliance Program coordinated by Partners of the Americas with funding from USAID was introduced to the Prison in January of 2013. This program, which seeks to offer the youth a second chance, was well appreciated both within and outside of the institution. Management of the Prison Service saw this as an appropriate rehabilitation program which suited the vision and mission of the institution. A group of twenty-five inmates/trainees graduated from the A GANAR Alliance Program on the 30th of September 2013, marking a milestone for both the individuals and the institution.

A GANAR Alliance Program Graduates 2013Through the A GANAR Program, inmates went through life skills and entrepreneurial training. Particular emphasis was placed on farming which resulted in the introduction of poultry farming at the Dominica Prison Service. Inmates/trainees went through professional training under the stewardship of Mrs. Susan Blanc. Inmates/trainees were trained in both theory and practical aspects over a period of ten weeks from baby chicks to slaughter, after which, there was a certificate ceremony in poultry farming.

The A GANAR Alliance Program is one of many other programs which will be undertaken at the Dominica Prison.


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